After 10 years on the air at WIFR, Whitney Martin is moving on.

According to WIFR's website, Whitney says, "there are bittersweet tears as I announce I am leaving WIFR for a Morning Anchor job in Milwaukee at our CBS affiliate, WDJT."

I first met Whitney Martin, well not actually in person, on the phone. You see, when I first started working at 97 ZOK in 2003, Martin would call the station all the time.

Whether it be a song request or just to chat, after the conversation was over I remembered Whitney.

That's why when I or any other Rockford resident needs something, Whitney Martin is there.

Keep in mind, this is outside of news reporting and other work related things. Whitney's involvement in the community is what makes her such a beloved and powerful figure.

Whitney's work with Gigi's Playhouse Cheer Gems has positively affected many lives, as well as countless other organizations in the area.

Popular WIFR News Anchor Announces Departure
Photo courtesy of myself

Whitney might work on TV, but she helps out on the radio too. If I need her to read the news with a massive wad of bubble gum in her mouth, or to eat pizza in my car or just to hop on the phone to talk about her Chicago news doppelgänger, Whitney is game.

Now Whitney's taking her game to Milwaukee. We will miss her in Rockford but one of the city's best representatives is taking the next step and that's something we can all be proud of.


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