T-shirts, hoodies and little wraps to swaddle your tiny hot dog lover. Portillo's has the almost perfect swag to celebrate National Hot Dog Week.

Arriving just in time for the hot dog celebration, Portillo's releases a few t-shirt designs, including a maternity shirt that asks whether that bump is "a boy, girl or cheese fires?"

The hoodie design feature a 'very real' looking Chicago-style hot dog.

And, our favorite design of all...

Swaddle your lil hot dog in a blanket that looks just like a Portillo's wrapper.

Portillo's Show No Love To Rockford with New Fashion Line

A quick look at their entire fashion collection was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. They sell shirts that feature Portillo's locations all around the Midwest and there isn't one for Rockford. Where's the Rockford shirt, Dick? There are huge lines at Rockford's Portillo's pretty much everyday. We show you plenty of love, where's our t-shirt love?

A Rockford Portillo's shirt would be the relish on our hot dog love. We still love you, we just would really like a shirt to show everyone how much we love us some Portillo's food.

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