I've been following ghost stories and haunts in Rockford since I came to town in the late 90s.

I can't really explain why either, whether it's Bloods Point Road, the Bride of Kennedy Hill, or Tinker Swiss Cottage, I've seen and/or read about nearly everything haunted or spooky in the Rockford area.

So when I ran across THIS story today, I was kind of surprised that I had never heard about it before.

The big question, is it true?

Shared on yourghoststories.com, CCKitty mentions a house that she and a few other people shared in 1973 at 1st and Prarie Street in Rockford.

The story mentions loud sounds in the attic, scratching, clawing, and other paranormal type activity. The tale wraps up with the tenants of the home finally entering to find that nothing had been touched in years but underneath all the dust they found "a pentagram had been drawn on the floor, with melted candles at each corner."

Apparently, there was a woman who lived in the house in the 1850s who died in a fire at the residence. It appears the arson was started by her butler who then later committed suicide.

The ending of the story is a little weird with the fire and butler committing suicide but she says "every word is true - I lived it."

I couldn't find anything about this story anywhere else on the internet, so what is it? Is it the real deal or completely bogus?

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