As a fitness nut and gym enthusiast, I'm always looking for ways to take my workouts to the next level; but when summer hits, the higher temps make it even harder to hit the gym when I'd rather be outside.

Sure, I could take my workout to the bike path or a park, but it just gets too hot.

Here's something I've never considered- paddle board yoga.

According to WREX, Rocktown Adventures is offering paddle board yoga classes all summer long.

Namaste yoga instructor, Tami Bogard tells WREX, "It gets you out in nature, it allows you to experience yoga at the same time and combining them together makes it a really amazing experience."

That "really amazing experience"is two hours long and you'll start nice and easy by basically trying to keep your balance on the board. Once you're able to stay on, you'll do some exploring of your surroundings and finally transition into yoga instruction; practicing basic moves and poses like the warrior pose.

Who wants to try this with me? Surely we'd burn more calories from laughing while we continue to fall off the paddle board; could be fun.

If you're interested in joining a class, you can get more information and the schedule on the Rocktown Adventures website here.

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