At least that's what Washington is trying to get younger people to believe.  The new generation of voters likes to have things at their finger tips and suggested to them via social media sites. So in order to appeal to and gain younger voters, they made registering to vote that easy and in your face.

This new generation won't be registering via mail, rather at a Beyonce concert, while shopping for jeans, or even taking a seflie on Snapchat.  Yeah, I think anything related to Beyonce AND Snapchat can officially be deemed "trendy".  Young voter campaigns find a lot of success during presidential campaigns, but they want more interaction for ALL voting that happens in this country.

According to CNN -

"There's certainly a lot of signs that we're going to see increased turnout," said Andy Bernstein, founder and executive director of the nonprofit voter registration group HeadCount, which partnered with the On The Run II Tour, and other brands and musicians. "Everybody seems more engaged."

On top of that, big name brands are selling voting themed t-shirts, employers are giving employees time off to vote, and of course, twitter campaigns to promote it voting.

Moral of the story, whether you're a Beyonce, a Snapchatter, or whatever you need to register to vote.

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