As a pet owner I always make sure to check the ingredients in the food I buy.  But I had never thought about this before. A new study is showing unexpected danger in different pet foods.  University of Nevada, Reno's Dr. Sarrah Dunham-Cheatham describes some of the worrisome results they've found -

In our first 100 samples that we analyzed,16 of those samples had mercury concentrations that were well above the maximum tolerable limit.

It's not news that fish contains mercury, but have you ever thought about the fish you feed your pet? Most of the high mercury levels were found in fish-based cat foods AKA a lot of tuna.  The same doctor also reported this statistic -

The cat is eating the same can of food, one or two cans of food, every day, every meal because that's their favorite food and that's compared to human consumption of two cans per month to 30 or 120 cans per month. We're looking at a huge difference of how much mercury that cat is consuming.

It's not only food containing tuna. It's shown up in products with salmon, white fish and shrimp. And it's not only cat food, they're finding it in dog and cat food both wet and dry.

To read more details about the study and its findings here.


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