In case you haven't noticed, road construction on many of Rockford's main roads has started up again. (If you haven't noticed, then you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't  have the pleasure of driving down North Alpine between Guilford and East State or Spring Creek Road between 251 and El Rancho Road. What a nightmare.)

Yes, I know, in some areas it's been on-going and it will be for some time, but it's all going to be long as you have the Rockford Road Construction Survival Kit.

The next time you get behind the wheel and head off to work, dance or soccer practice or the cabin, you'll want to make sure you have the following items to survive that extra 20-30 minutes you might be spending in the car; looking at orange cone after orange cone.


open bags of potato chips
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Girl, you know you're going to get hungry.

Beverages (non-alcoholic, duh)

Plastic Water Bottle caps Beverage Product
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This is essential, especially if your car doesn't have air conditioning in your car. It's important you stay hydrated in the summer months. Just don't throw the empty bottle at a construction worker out of frustration.

Mix Tapes or CDs

Mixed Tape
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Road construction is way more tolerable with a dashboard dance party.

Neck Pillow

Man asleep using neck pillow
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Neck pillows aren't just for cross country flights and long road trips. You deserve to be comfortable behind the wheel; just don't get too comfortable.


Fashion woman essentials, cosmetics, makeup accessories
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It's important to be prepared in the event that you get stuck in traffic due to road construction. Make sure you have everything you need including deodorant, chapstick, makeup, wet wipes, Q-tips, gum, floss and hand sanitizer.

One more thing, for those times when you don't want to listen to your mix tape, make sure you're listening to 97ZOK; sitting in traffic is so much more fun when you're with friends.

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