When you enter the good ol' state of Illinois, you get bombarded with road signs to no end.  There's one sign I really can't stand seeing at every corner.

I was scrolling through TikTok the other night when I saw this video of three brothers sitting in their car talking about road signs.  They asked the question, "What's your favorite road sign?"

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A very random question, but then I got to thinking which signs I just CAN'T stand.  You'll probably agree that you dread seeing it just a little bit.

The Road Sign We Can't Stand Seeing The Most In Illinois

Yup, I know you're rolling your eyes just looking at it in disgust.


The "Road Work Ahead" sign means 3 things:

#1: Traffic delays + inconveniences

#2: Detours we don't want to take

#3: We have to leave earlier for work to be on time

With summer in full swing, there is so much construction happening around Illinois.  In Rockford, you can't go on a short drive without seeing construction.

It's great we're fixing up the city, but man... sometimes road construction is a serious pain in the *ss.

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Now, let me ask you this: What's your FAVORITE road sign?

If I had to pick, I'd say YIELD.


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You have options with a yield - you can go when you want, but just make good judgement and gauge the best time to accelerate.

I also love "PED XING" because for the longest time I thought it was pronounced "PED EX-ING" instead of Pedestrian Crossing lol.

What's YOUR favorite, or least favorite, road sign around town?

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