As a roadside traffic sign ages, parts of it deteriorate but this inappropriate sign stretching over Interstate I90 in Rockford, Illinois needs to be repaired very quickly.


If you know who to call to get a road sign fixed, please call them as soon as you can. This inappropriate sign wasn't done on purpose, it's purely an unfortunate set of circumstances, but it still needs to be fixed right away.

Sometimes, funny and/or inappropriate messages on signs, are NOT an accident.

Like this funny sign in a Loves Park Parking lot.

Sometimes those signs ARE an accident. Like this simple misspelling on an electronic road construction warning sign on Harlem Road.

From the road signs nobody likes to see,


to a bathroom wall sign we should see in every bar and restaurant everywhere,

Nothing has ever been like this sign that is currently stretching across Interstate 90 at the State St. exit in Rockford.

For various reasons, somebody needs to get in touch with whoever gets up there and fixes these types of signs, because they need to fix it right away.

This is NOT a joke any mom wants to encounter while traveling with any teenage boys who know what the word means.

I'm pretty certain this wasn't done on purpose, but what are the odds that as this sign deteriorated, this would be the portion of one letter that would just fall away?

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TSM, Canva
TSM, Canva

I don't know who to call about the missing part of the 'E' in the word "MILES", do you? Please call them TODAY!

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