Do you love the idea of trivia night but can't seem to find a day that always works for your schedule? You're in luck, this summer, Rock Valley Pub Trivia has tons of bonus trivia nights that won't fill up your calendar.

Most of us have fun facts living in our heads rent free that don't really need to be there. Some of us (me...) know all of the presidents in order. How is that ever going to benefit me you might ask?

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Well, it helps for trivia nights. But that's about it. Trivia nights can be really fun, but sometimes they take quite a commitment. Like an intramural sport might, every Tuesday night at 8 might sounds great until you realize you do have other responsibilities to take care of and so you just forgo the trivia night idea.

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But what if you could join a trivia night without committing an entire night every week. Boom, you're in luck!

This summer, Rock Valley Pub Trivia has added a ton of 'non-league events,' where you truly can just stop by once and have some fun with your smartest friends.

I'm up for Friends trivia anytime, and I might be helpful for Pixar Trivia and Trivial Tunes Bingo, what about you?

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The non-league events kick off this week with The Office trivia at Rookie's Put and Grill in Rockton tomorrow night at 7p.m.

If you are looking to join a weekly trivia night, Rock Valley Pub Trivia's Facebook page can help you with that.

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