Wisconsin Stateliners are freaking out, Rockford Art Deli is opening a new location in Beloit, welcome 'BAD.'

Downtown Rockford, Illinois is in pretty good shape these days. We have thriving restaurants, a new fancy hotel, boutiques popping up everywhere and the number one spot to grab a t-shirt to show how much you love your city, Rockford Art Deli.

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From what I know about the last ten years in Rockford, Rockford Art Deli (or RAD as we love to call it) truly helped the downtown area re-build after decades of, well, nothing.

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RAD was one of the first shops to make downtown Rockford their home during the cities rebirth, and don't worry, this story isn't about the store moving out of downtown. I'm pretty sure RAD is here to stay.

Instead this story is about RAD introducing us to BAD. Beloit Art Deli.

Big news, am I right?!

That's pretty much all we know so far, but I have a feeling the store will be somewhere in the heart of downtown Beloit, next to all of the fun restaurants and shops right as you cross over the Stateline.

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I also think there was a lot of thought behind the timing of this announcement. You know we celebrate 815 Day here in Rockford because the main area code is 815... in Beloit it's 608, which coincides with June 8, this Saturday.

We'll be watching your Instagram account for more, BAD!

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