We kind of thought 'screaming for ice cream,' was about how delicious it is, not how spicy it is!

Ice cream is part of my daily life.

What can I say? A girl needs her ice cream. Especially when the world created protein ice cream pints which I can just eat for dinner and call it a night. So I am always on the hunt for new ice cream.

Earlier this week I was at Aldi in Rockford when I discovered 'Hot Scream.'

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I'm sorry, what?

Spicy ice cream???? What could this possibly be?

Hot Scream is a brand new ice cream geared toward your spicy friends.

It comes in three flavors, Strawberry Swirl, Ginger Swirl and Chocolate Swirl. I saw the strawberry and chocolate at Aldi, but the ginger was not available.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

This is definitely not low calorie ice cream, with the chocolate flavor having an additional 50 calories per serving versus the strawberry flavor, but if you have a spicy friend or co-worker like I do, you might want to buy them a pint.

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