When we thought Aldi was already ahead of its time and couldn't make shoppers fall in love with their store more, we thought wrong.

Even when I was in the womb, my mom was stocking shelves over at Aldi in Rockford, Illinois.  That might explain why I'm slightly more obsessed with Aldi than the average human - I was always chillin' at Aldi most of my mom's pregnancy!

As an adult, I've found myself scrolling in the "Aisle Of Shame" Facebook group where everyone shares stuff they've found in the "Aldi Finds" aisle.  A new limited-edition product hit the shelves for the Holiday season and Aldi lovers couldn't be more excited.

German Supermarket Chain Aldi To Buy Winn-Dixie And Harveys Supermarkets
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I've never seen people love a grocery store so much the store starts selling merch for itself, until Aldi unveiled their merch line.  Now, they went even further for the Holidays!

The post I saw had thousands of likes... of course I had to get one for myself.  So I did.

Why Is Everyone Rushing To Illinois Aldi Stores To Buy This?

This is an Aldi lover's dream, that's why.  Think about all the Target lovers out there - you know darn well they'd rush to get a mini Target, too.

Of course, I had to get my hands on the Aldi Food Market figurine!

Via Author
Via Author

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Not only is it a figurine, it LIGHTS UP!  I didn't just get one... I got two.  My sister and brother-in-law just bought their first home and are also obsessed with Aldi.

What better housewarming gift than this?!  Plus, it's only $12.99.  A STEAL.

Via Author
Via Author

So, if you're thinking about inexpensive gifts for your friends or family, think about getting them something from the Aldi Finds aisle because there will be something for everyone - no doubt!

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