It's prom season throughout the country and while most students are participating in the big dance, one Rockford area kid won't be allowed in for the craziest and most ironic reason ever.

I saw this news story skitter across my news feed today, Eyewitness News says "When Nikolas Bakken skipped four hours of school Friday morning to go get his tuxedo tailored, he had no idea that his decision would prevent him from being able to attend his prom Saturday."

The article also says that the absence was an excused. Wait, what?

This kid, who by all accounts was allowed to leave and get his tux tailored during school hours, ended up getting busted and now will miss out on prom? Is something wrong here?

According to Superintendent Dr. Mike Greenlee who tells Eyewitness News:

"There are attendance requirements to students all week through school announcements each day."

Word is North Boone High School has a strict policy when it comes to absences before an event.

The irony is incredible in this story. The kid takes off of school to get his tux for an event at his school. The school then bans him from prom which is the reason he left school in the first place.

What do you think? Should the kid have been allowed to go to prom? Do you think rules are rules and the kid should have paid more attention?

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