With everything going on in the country right now, the community is stepping up to spread some inspiration for unity across the Stateline. Rockford's Rodrigo Ceballos wanted to take action after seeing the video of George Floyd so he did that with art.

Rodrigo and his sister spent eight hours painting a huge mural at Reuben Aldeen Park in Rockford. It's a Black Lives Matter symbol, and it's called "Rockford Cares." He then invited community members to head out to the park to write what they care about. Since then, tons have responded.

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Ceballos says he did not expect the mural to still be up a week later, as graffiti artists often cover the area quickly. He says the purpose is to show that Rockford cares and matters. He believes there needs to be a level of unity at a local level.

Ceballos wants everyone to bring chalk to the site and write about what matters to them. It's a a small way to spark change at a local level.


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