You were just about to go to the liquor store to get ready for Christmas, weren't you? Maybe you want to head downtown instead. 

Christmas is looking a little different this year, but for some things that's actually kind of better.

Instead of the fifty people you're used to squeezing by to find the bathroom in your aunt's house, you'll be relaxing with about ten of your closest family members at your parents.

You know that means better cocktails right?

Less people... more time to be creative! Or maybe just hop in the car and drive downtown for City Market's to-go cocktail sale Tuesday, December 22

Santa Clausmopolitians are just $4 each and they have discounted craft beer, too!

The best part, if you can't make it during the two hours they're open they can still help you out if you give them a call.

Just make sure you don't leave any of those drinks near a pack of Capri-suns.

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