The Alpine Road bridge over Highway 20 has been closed for a better part of a week now.

The closure is preventing drivers traveling south from getting to where they want to go.

There is, however, a detour that has been set up pushing drivers on to Highway 20 to go east a bit and then off on 11th St./US 251.

I've noticed that some drivers aren't interested in going that far out of the way.

Instead, some Rockford drivers have been using the U-turn on Highway 20 to quickly turn around and immediately get off at the Alpine exit going south to get around the detour. The U-turn can be found just a couple hundred feet after getting onto the highway.

That U-turn is a prohibited turnaround for drivers such as myself. Only drivers in emergency vehicles are allowed to use the turnaround.

Besides being illegal, making those kinds of turns on a highway is very dangerous. First, stopping on a highway to make a turn causes those behind you to slam on their brakes which could cause an accident and at best, slow down traffic.

That U-turn, in particular, is very close to the Alpine Road off-ramp, which makes it a popular choice when trying to get around the closure but that could also cause an accident because the flow of traffic getting onto the highway.

Using a prohibited U-turn on a highway to scoot around a road closure is just unsafe. Suck it up, use the detour that's outlined and before you know it, the Alpine Road bridge will be open.

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