Here's something you don't hear everyday- the state of Illinois is looking for ways to save tax payers money and make life a little easier.

Did you just laugh out loud? I did too, but hear them out.

According to the Daily Journal, lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would give Illinois drivers the option of getting a two-year vehicle registration, instead of having to get that $110 sticker every year.

While many frustrated drivers would prefer to have a sticker that lasted for several years at a time, the limit at two is to meet emission test standards in Chicago and East Saint Louis.

There's no talk of how much a two-year registration would cost as of yet, but I'm all for it if the price stays the same; even if I was shocked when I found out how much it was to renew your registration in Illinois.  Where I'm from, the cost of your sticker renewal depended on the make, year and model of your car. The older the car, the cheaper the sticker. It made owning a 2002 Mercury Sable a little more tolerable.

House Bill 4259 and Senate Bill 1505 have now advanced to the general assembly.

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