This is news to no one, Rockford does not have a subway system.

However, we do have a few different Subway restaurants in town. When you count them up, I believe we have 26 different locations.

What if you turned those Subway restaurants and into actual subway stations?

Sounds crazy, right? Nevermind the improbability, because guspolly on Reddit decided to create our very Rockford underground subway system using actual Rockford Subway shops as the stops.

You know what? It's pretty awesome. Can you imagine being able to take the Rockford Subway subway all the way from Machesney Park to the Rockford Aiport or better yet, ride the blue line clear from Springfield Avenue all the way around town to do some shopping at the CherryVale Mall?

I never knew I wanted a subway system until I saw this map. Now, let's make it happen, do you hear that Subway?

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