Asking every student in the school to read for 15 minutes can be a huge undertaking, but one Rockford Elementary School came up with a great way to make it happen.


Welsh Elementary School decided to tackle reading on one huge day with their, 'Frosty's Fabulous Read-In.'

Through the end of the day today, volunteers from all over the Rockford area will spend some time reading with students at Welsh.

I spent some time with students from room 105 this morning and those third graders are great readers! Not only did Maddie, Isaiah, Stephen and Jeremy do a great job reading, they also did a great job picking books.

Who knew I would get to take a trip back to Wayside School, one of my favorite books ever, while I visited this morning.

Volunteers included police officers, parents, high school students and more. What a great way to get students excited about reading.

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