There are so many ways to celebrate Black History Month and one of the best is to talk to some great Rockford residents.

This year on Good Day Stateline, the show I host Sundays on WTVO at 9 a.m., we are really working hard to produce important content for the Rockford community and that includes spotlighting local leaders and families in the area.

One of those families, you've probably met before, is the Tillmon family.

Maybe you went to school with Bo or Logan, or maybe you've seen their amazing Christmas videos each year or you work with Reggie or Danita... or maybe you haven't met them yet.

But I encourage you to meet this right now, in this GDS Wine Wednesday episode where we talked about Black History Month and their hopes for the future.

And yes, I'm fully aware I forgot to hit 'stop recording' at the end of the video, you win some you lose some - thanks for watching!

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