Heartbreak can come in all shapes and sizes. One Rockford woman is dealing with a terrible heartbreak right now but sharing it with all of us in the most beautiful, helpful way. 

I'm hoping to do this woman, Sierra Kellen, justice as I explain why she is an incredible person and why you really should read her blog, Miscarriage in the Meantime.

I met Sierra about two and a half years ago when I joined OrangeTheory, she was a coach at the time and you could just tell there was something different about her approach to chatting with members.

When I found out she was also a counselor, and part of the team behind the Family Peace Center it made complete sense. That's what was different about  her, she knows how to handle situations with a counselor brain, knowing what questions to ask, and what might actually help someone who's struggling.

Even recently I was dealing with a traumatic personal situation and I appreciate everything all of my friends did to help but her first response was, 'how did that make you feel,' which is exactly what I needed someone to ask me.

Sierra is dealing with her own traumatic experience, losing a baby due to a miscarriage, and a possible cancer diagnosis.

In a very Sierra-like way, she's using this experience to help others, with her blog, Miscarriage in the Meantime. And when I say others, of course I mean women and couples who've experience the tragedy of losing a baby, but so many more people as well.

She writes about her experience in the last year, from the initial joy of finding out she was pregnant to the physical experience of having a miscarriage. I know so many friends and family members who've gone through a miscarriage and I imagine reading Sierra's story is therapeutic.

But just as importantly she is giving those of us who have not had this experience the chance to learn how to be a better friend, caregiver and just all around human when someone we know is healing from pregnancy loss.

On top of all that, she's giving us a chance to understand trauma and grief. A topic I never really recognized as important until I turned 30. But I wish I did earlier, because I would've been able to understand myself and others so much better, which is why I wanted to write this story about Sierra and her blog.

Whatever life is handing you right now, I guarantee you will learn something from reading her story. Maybe it's how to talk to a friend who had a miscarriage, or maybe you'll learn how to talk about your own trauma or grief. Or maybe you'll just enjoy meeting Sierra and Jeff and you'll use what you're learning from them sometime in the future.

Give them a few minutes to share their story with you. 

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