Tis the season to be creepy and with fall in full swing and Halloween not too far down the road, everyone, including me, is in the mood to get scared. It could be a horror movie marathon, haunted houses and trail rides or a dark history bus tour; whatever your panic-stricken poison is, this is the best time of year to let your imagination run wild and terrify the living daylights out of you. If that's your thing.

If it is, then I have to ask, have you been to Twin Sister Hills Park? According to Mysterious Heartland it's one of the creepiest parks in Illinois, specifically the woods.  The website says,

It is a popular winter destination, but some locals claim this park is home to more sinister guests. The woods, they say, has been the scene of several murders, hangings, and even a drowning. Feelings of dread, disembodied voices, and mysterious figures are just some of the phenomena experienced by visitors.

They added that there's a willow tree near the entrance and if you happen to walk by it, there's a chance that you'll have this strong urge to enter the woods. There's also an old hanging tree with carvings on it and there have been reports of a little girl being spotted walking around there.

Have you ever experienced anything like that at this park? Ghost Hunter, Dan Norvell, isn't quite sure he believes all the hype, pointing out in some of his videos that the park is near populated areas so seeing children and hearing voices isn't uncommon.

What have you heard about Twin Sister's woods? Have you seen anything or had anything unusual happen to you there?

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