A bride's bouquet, adorned with a keepsake from her dead father, was accidentally thrown out. Rock River Disposal employees do the unthinkable to recover it.

Just as I was about to say (under my breath) "kiss my a** 2020", for the tenth time in a week, a good story appeared. And, this is a story with heroes and everything. Heroes that went to the filthiest depths to return an heirloom to an incredibly sad new bride.

Seems a Rockford-area wedding venue accidentally threw a bride's bouquet away when cleaning up after the celebration. This was a very special bridal bouquet. Tied to the bouquet of flowers was the bride's father's wedding ring. The bride's father had passed away many years earlier.

Not long before the venue staff realized they'd mistakenly thrown out this special bouquet, Rock River Disposal had been there to empty their dumpster. Can you even imagine what the venue staff must've been feeling at this point. The next thing they did is where we get to meet the first hero in this story.

Someone from the wedding venue called the garbage company to see if maybe the truck could be stopped. On the other end of phone was Rock River Disposal's Julie Altenbernd. Listen to Julie tell the story of what happened next, to The Steve Shannon Show, and how it led to finding the special bouquet in a huge pile of garbage dumped in a parking lot.


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Yesterday I received a desperate call from a local wedding venue...a brides bouquet that had her father’s wedding ring...

Posted by Julie Becker Altenbernd on Tuesday, September 1, 2020