By moving the toilet to the front yard, Rockford home expands the bathroom.

Toilet Talk

When most of us think of toilets, this is what we picture...


Your standard everyday toilet located in the bathroom

Sometimes toilets are placed in strange places...


One of my friends from college had a toilet in the corner of his unfinished basement. It was usable but kind of awkward.

I actually met a guy one time who put a urinal in his garage because he did not want his drunk friends in his house.


Many people are not happy with the size of their bathroom. It is just way too small.


The only problem with a little bathroom, there is usually no way to expand it. I think a homeowner in Rockford came up with a solution. They moved the toilet outside.

Expanding Your Bathroom

Now, I know what you are thinking.


No, they did not buy an outhouse.


They did not rent a port-a-potty.

Front Yard Toilet

To expand their bathroom, this house moved their toilet outside. Apparently, they are not worried about privacy because it is located in the front yard.

Do not believe it? Well, check it out for yourself...

Front Yard Toilet Photo By Double T

Plenty of room to do their business.

Questions About The Placement Of The Front Yard Toilet

Okay, I know your response. They are just throwing an old toilet out in the garbage. That is what I thought about at first but take a look at this photo...

Front Yard Toilet Photo By Double T

Look how far away from the curb they put the toilet. The garbage man might not pick that up. Plus, trash day is not until Tuesday morning and it is only Thursday. You can get a ticket for that.

Look how close it is to the sidewalk. If that was a bike and someone grabbed it, that would be called stealing.

I do have one more theory. Maybe they are going to make it into a yard decoration like this one.


If you are in the market for a used toilet, I am sure you can work out a good deal with the owners.

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