What are your responsibilities for Thanksgiving this year? Are you a "sides" guy are you a "dessert" lady...oh lord, are you in charge on the bird!?!

A Rockford business is offering some "smoked" birds in a couple different styles...welcome to Thanksgiving 2021 in Illinois!

Little Nick's BBQ located at 3118 Auburn St Rockford IL, serves up some amazing BBQ. If you are still yet to try the ribs, brisket, etc...you are for sure missing out. For Thanksgiving they are smoking some turkeys, so if you are in charge of the bird this year:

"the smoked birds are beginning to fly! Don’t forget to get your Smoked Turkey orders in..." 



You can order yours at: 815-679-4BBQ...O.K., now let's talk "special turkey." By special, let's just say that the food coma you put yourself in afterwards, might include a longer nap and an extra slice of Pumpkin Pie this year.

Little Nick's BBQ is offering what they call the "Highest Turkey in Rockford."

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We already know that Little Nick's BBQ offers sauces that are infused and come with that warm fuzzy feeling. Now, just in time for the holidays comes a turkey that will get you high:

"Also you can inquire on how to get the “Highest Turkey in Rockford!" - Little Nick's BBQ

How about that? Can you imagine Aunt Edna after a couple slices of that bird?

So whether you want a normal, delicious smoked turkey or a REALLY smoked turkey for Thanksgiving, Little Nick's BBQ in Rockford has you covered.

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