Which is it? Soda or pop? Chances are if you can hear 97ZOK it might be both.

According to Reddit user, ReBeL222, a post titled "This pictograph is a great illustration of the South" highlighted how different things are said in that particular part of the country.

But it's not what it is happening in the south but more about what's happening in the Rockford area.

If you take a closer look at the top map, you'll notice Rockford is right in the middle of one of the greatest debates of our lifetimes, what do you call your drink? Soda or pop?

It appears that west of Chicago, including Rockford (or at least part of it) is firmly in the "pop" camp. However, just north of Rockford and running east to west along the Wisconsin border, it appears "soda" is the preferred term of choice.

So which is it? Soda or pop?

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