If road-tripping to see some of the most ridiculous things on the planet, you won't have to go too far to see the "World's Fastest Pop Machine."

Obviously, it's not far from Rockford because if you were to travel far south in Illinois it wouldn't be the "World's Fastest Pop Machine" but would be known as the "World's Fastest Soda Machine."

Anyway, the "World's Fastest Pop Machine" is located in Lerna, Illinois about 45 minutes south of Champaign and about 3 hours from Rockford.

OrangeBeanIndiana.com uncovered the secret as to why and how it is the fastest pop machine on the planet, saying "A former owner of the machine insists vintage microswitches tucked away in the guts of the machine give it unusual speed. Another theory contends it has nothing to do with the engineering at all. This half-decade old machine KNOWS your pop selection before you even make it—even before you pull the change out of your pocket, it has your can cold and ready."

They debunk the theory that it's a supernatural pop machine but just old school machinery that isn't used in vending machines these days. You can read more about why it's the "World's Fastest Pop Machine" at OrangeBeanIndiana.com.

Now before you get in your car and plan a trip to see if you can have a pop drop faster than any other in the world, it's busted. AKA, the "World's Fastest Pop Machine" is out of order. Fingers crossed the owner of the "World's Fastest Pop Machine" fixes it so bored folks worldwide can make the pilgrimage to Lerna.

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