Spoiler alert: if you had a little too much fun with a broom yesterday, your dreams are about to be crushed. But don't blame me, blame the internet for getting carried away with themselves yet again.

I was scrolling Twitter yesterday when all of a sudden this is ALL I see on my timeline (Also here's Paula Abdul doing it because she just makes it better) -

Brooms, just standing.

So the internet got way too into standing a broom up on its own because apparently "NASA says we can only do this today (yesterday) because of the gravitational pull". I can't lie, I fell for it. And I was super pissed I didn't own a broom to try it.

Turns out it doesn't matter. I can go buy a broom TODAY AKA the day after the "only day" it's supposed to stand. And it will STILL STAND.

My mythbuster, meteorologist Mark Henderson -

Sorry to burst your bubble, but don't blame me. Blame the internet for false promises.

Here's what can happen if you're not careful -

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