Mothers in Rockford hide snacks from their families.

If I have the taste for a special kind of treat, I'll pick it up from the store. When I get home, it doesn't go in a secret place. I share it with the whole family.

The story is different when it comes to my wife. She hides her snacks. I can't blame her too much because my daughter and I would eat them.

It's not something that I'm worried about. Many moms in Rockford do it. In fact, mothers all over the country also have a stash of snacks.

According to,

"Two-thirds of American moms have a secret snack supply that they keep hidden from the family, according to new data."

"The survey found 66 percent of moms polled admit they hide the really good snacks to avoid sharing them with their partner and children."

I'm not going to lie. I found my wife's hidden supply and every once in a while I'll help myself.

Does your wife/mother hide their favorite foods?

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