A Rockford area native was chosen by the NFL to be part of their Crucial Catch campaign.

Originally from Rockford, Amy Chamberlin, who now resides in DeKalb, tells 97ZOK she was chosen to be part of the NFL's breast cancer awareness presentation after her sister-in-law nominated her for to be part of the event.

Amy Chamberlain via Facebook

Chamberlin, who is currently fighting breast cancer, says "I already had surgery, I finished chemotherapy on September 21 and will begin radiation in two weeks."

Chamberlin adds " I was diagnosed on January 27th. My cancer was found as a routine mammogram. There were no signs or symptoms to indicate there were any concerns. This is why I believe in the 'crucial catch' campaign. It's so important for people to go for their exams."

Amy Chamberlain via Facebook

She also said she's "beyond grateful to be chosen to represent women fighting breast cancer and grateful to the NFL and Minnesota Vikings for their support as well."

You can see Chamberlin and others fighting breast cancer at halftime of the Minnesota Vikings-Baltimore Ravens football game on Sunday, October 22.

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