One artist is giving back in honor of his wife who is a cancer survivor.

Thom Adams, the owner of Dungeon Tattoo Shop, knows very well how uncomfortable mastectomy scars make many women. Thom's wife Renee has been fighting an aggressive cancer that led to her having a double mastectomy.

This is not the first time Thom has offered free tattoos to cover these scars, according to It's the confidence he's seen it give the women he's inked that motivates him to keep making this offer. Some of the tattoos he's given for free would've cost a couple thousand dollars. Below is a small gallery of some of Thom's scar cover up work that covers the entire breast area.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in some beautiful ink work to cover mastectomy scars, contact Thom Adams at Dungeon Tattoo’s at (815) 233-1519



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