The 815 is definitely a go-to place when it comes to fine dining. If superior food is in the equation, Rockford will without a doubt win every battle.

But there is one food that every single Rockford native has varying opinions on. And believe me when I say... a Rockford native will die for their favorite place to get this delicious dish.

The One Food That Causes a Rockfordian To Throw Hands

I so wish I could curse in my writing, because believe me when I tell you... Rockford does not **** around when it comes to pizza.

The deal is, there are so many spots in The Stateline, that it's almost overwhelming. And you've never seen a cult following quite like a Rockford native and their favorite pizza joint.

From Lino's, Sam's, Capri or even Casey's lol, each and every local has their go-to joint here that they are gonna ride or die for.

Fists Are Up

You may think I'm exaggerating or joking, but I'm totally not! Take this as a warning, it's best to keep your favorite pizza joint to yourself because if another person hears you and it's not aligned with their favorite, I can't promise you'll make it out alive lol.

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Not to sound like a Mean Girl's character, but I was at an event in a snowstorm with two of my coworkers, and the sensitive subject of pizza came up. Johnny V loves his Domino's pizza because of the crust and well... Steve Shannon was NOT having it. I've never seen Steve debate before, but I had a great time lol. Thankfully, both made it out alive.

A Food Worth The Fight

And there you have it! Rockford pizza is both a person's true love and a breaker of friendships. If you're looking for some awesome spots in The Stateline to expand your pizza taste pallet, check this out!

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