Most people prefer fries as the side for burgers, sandwiches, or wraps; however, some folks love a good onion ring.

You could count me as one of those who love onion rings.

Finding a restaurant serving a truly exceptional onion ring is a rare gem.


You often run into frozen and mostly thrown-together onion ring messes.

But then, there are those rare, unforgettable moments when you bite into an onion ring that's so good that it's almost a life-changing experience.

If you're looking for the best onion rings in Rockford, you should probably check out one of these seven restaurants.

So, to add a bit of drama, I'll be counting down from seven to one, revealing the best onion rings in the Rockford area.

7. Pig Minds Brewing @ 4080 Steele Drive

"Their onion rings are out of this world."


6. Beef-A-Roo @ 6380 East Riverside Boulevard

"The onion rings were amazing."

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5. Prairie Street Brewing Company @ 200 Prairie Street

"The taco chips and onion rings were so good."

4. Buddy's Burgers @ 6551 East Riverside Boulevard

"The onion rings are fantastic."


3. Portillo's Rockford @ 6090 State Street

"These onion rings...[are] super crunchy and has perfect onion rings flavor."

2. Hoffman House @ 7550 East State Street

1. Wammy's Kitchen @ 1222 South Alpine Road

"They offer several sandwiches and meats on their menu including...onion rings or fries as a side."

Those are the seven best places for an onion ring in Rockford. Did we miss any?

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