The Super Bowl is just two days away and we're on the search for the best pizza places in the Rockford area.

Having a Super Bowl party does sound like a lot of work because not only are you hosting a party for tons of friends and family, but what's everyone eating when they arrive?!  You gotta have the iconic pizza, wings, cheesy breadsticks, and platters of veggies with endless dips, right?

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If you're torn between all the pizza places in the Rockford area, here's a list of the most popular spots to grab your pizzas for game day, according to Facebook fans.

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Best Pizza Places In The Rockford Area For Super Bowl Sunday

Salamone’s North

Vinny's Pizza in DeKalb

Windsor Pizza Parlor in Loves Park

Gerry's Pizza


Marie’s on Charles

Schiro's Restaurant and Lounge

Johns Pizza on 11th Street

Sam's Pizza on Charles Street

Nunzio's Restaurant in Loves Park

Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant & Pizza

Rosati's Pizza in Belvidere

Pietro's Pizzeria in Roscoe

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As a Rockfordian myself, I love Sam's Pizza on Charles Street.  They're close to my house, super friendly staff, and the pizza is always soooooo good.  I've sworn by Sam's since I moved downtown five years ago!

Let's add to the list - where else should we get our game day pizzas?

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