With the coronavirus forcing a shelter-in-place order for the state of Illinois, many people are working from home.

However, in Rockford, there seem to be more people going to work as opposed to working at their residence.

The ability to work remotely tends to be much higher in white-collar occupations than in blue-collar ones. More than half of the workers in the white-collar occupation of management, business & financial operations and more than 40% of workers in the white-collar occupation of professional & related jobs (i.e. engineers, lawyers, teachers, healthcare practitioners, etc.) are able to work from home. By contrast, less than 10% of workers in all blue-collar occupations are able to work from home.

It makes sense, anyone who knows Rockford, is aware it's a very blue-collar town.

According to a study done by SmartAsset titled "Cities Where the Most and Fewest People Can Work From Home," Rockford ranked 22nd out of 200 of the largest cities in the US.

Of the 66,646 people making up Rockford's workforce, only 14,220 can actually work from home. That's only 21.34% of people!

Rockford isn't the only Illinois city on the list either. Joliet ranked 16th on the list where the fewest people can work from home.

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