For many of us, being thrust into a work from the home environment wasn't our first choice.

Personally speaking, I was exactly ready to drop my daily routine in favor of spending the first half of the day working from home, but I've adjusted.

I guess I can say most of us who have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic have made changes to our workflow in order to be more efficient.

Now, while I miss being at the radio ranch all day, I'm starting to get used to working at the crib half the day.

I don't want to speak for everyone but when you get in a daily work from home routine there are certain things you do every single day like, I don't know, listen to your favorite artist.

Well, a "High-end design, without the high-end price tag?" furniture store put together a comprehensive Work From Home trends list for 2021 that broke down playlists of who we like to listen to the most while at the house.

Of the top five artists on the list, three of them you hear on 97ZOK. Harry Styles was named the 4th most popular, while Ariana Grande took the third spot but the top spot went to the biggest star in music today, Taylor Swift.

Top WFH Artists You'll Hear On 97ZOK

While Taylor was tops overall, a Harry Style's song was the big winner.

Collectively in first place for the ultimate work-from-home song is Harry Styles ‘Adore You'', Taylor Swift's‘ August’, and Maggie Rogers' ‘Light On’.

Tell us, what's your favorite work from home song?

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