Security was recently compromised at an ATM machine not too far from Rockford.

Pinhole cameras and skimmers are placed on ATMs in order to steal personal information and it just happened in Batavia, Aurora and Yorkville late last week.

Police were notified and the bank "canceled all the cards they can identify were possibly skimmed during that time frame."

According to, a skimmer "is designed to slip over the machine's actual card reader" while pinhole cameras capture "the PIN as the numbers are punched in by the ATM user."

While there haven't been any reports of ATM tampering in the Rockford area, it's better safe than sorry. Police advise to look "at the top of the machine, near the speakers," and "the side of the screen, card reader and keypad."

The best advice is if you see something fishy at the ATM, call the police immediately.

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