Oh, reality TV shows, we love them and we hate them... but really we want to be on them.

The first reality TV show I ever watched was, 'The Real World.'

I was probably in Junior High when I decided I wanted to be on the show. I think it was the New Orleans cast that really got me sucked in, then Las Vegas happened and it got way too trashy for me.

Also... I recently discovered I'm too old to be on the show, that was a rough day, however, last night I seemed to have discovered I am not too old to be on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette.'

Rachel's season of 'The Bachelorette' started last night and honestly, I only watched it because it was on after 'Dancing with the Stars.' That ABC, they really know how to get you to care about their shows...

So I'm watching Rachel and her limos filled with dudes, which I think is the second time I've ever watched one of these shows and they go to commercial with Chris Harrison's voice saying, 'you can be on the next season of 'The Bachelor,' just go to abc.com/casting.'

Well, I'm single and bored.

So I went... and applied.

The online application was actually really easy and only took me about 5 minutes to complete. I do, however, think that because they asked for my height and weight, they probably won't be calling me... I'm pretty average when it comes to those things, and I think they're looking for Barbies.

But we'll see. Really, I just want to be on 'The Bachelor' so I can then also be on 'Dancing with the Stars,' c'mon ABC!

You can apply here. Please let me know if they contact you!

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