It's possible Target on East State Street might not actually be Target for much longer.

If you've been to the location at 6560 East State in the past month or two it's easy to see that the store is undergoing a massive facelift.

Just recently the sign came down, and customers have started to speculate. Is it a new sign, or is Target changing their name?

Small tangent here: I don't think Target needs a name change or even a renovation. I knew exactly where everything was before they started moving it all around and ruining my life. Sorry.

A recent post from Bizfluent explained the differences between all three different Target brand stores (Super Target, Target Greatland, Target (Regular?), and I'm not sure what category the current Target on East State location falls under.

Could Target at 6560 East State Street become a Super Target, a Target Greatland or something different altogether?

A  2015 online petition garnered nearly 5,000 signatures to change the name of Target claiming the "name and logo is offensive and promotes violence within the community." So who knows, maybe it'll just become Walmart.

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