Attention Rockford teachers, do you have some free time this Thursday? You can be on Kelly Clarkson's talk show!

One of the coolest parts of how talk shows are adapting to the world without live studio audiences, is by bringing in virtual audiences.

Not only does this give the hosts a chance to chat with the audience in a close to 'normal' way but it also allows people from all over the world to be a part of the audience.

Kelly Clarkson's talk show is looking for audience members this week, but specifically looking for teachers to be on the show this Thursday.

So maybe you need a sub in order to be a part of the show but I mean, why not? When else will you get the chance to be in a TV talk show from the comfort of your own house?

If you're more interested in other show audiences, 1iota is the place to check. Why not find the fun in 2020?!

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