The Internet is a strange place.

Let's take a trip back in time.

To May of 2016, when I was trying to entertain my then 18-month-old nephew with Snapchat.

It was the very first time I used Snapchat as a tool to have fun with little kids and, well, he really hated it.

In the 9 second video, you see how sad he got when his face turned into a puppy.

That lasted about ten minutes by the way and he, now four years old, loves being a Snapchat puppy.

I thought the video was cute so I posted it on the 97ZOK YouTube channel and no one really cared. Until this week.

When all of the sudden a video that previously had about 20,000 views had over 100,000.

Now, Wednesday, the video is at over 300,000 views and apparently those views are coming from overseas.

When my sister-in-law told Anderson he was a mega YouTube star he 'shrugged his shoulders.'

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