My girlfriend and I watched the movie The Founder the other day. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's the story of how McDonald's got its start.

McDonald's wasn't originally created to be a fast food chain. It was meant to be a restaurant with high quality food, served quickly. I never knew the story behind McDonald's and it was honestly kind of shocking. Not as shocking as this picture I saw while scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed though. I can't imagine the scream that must have come out of this woman's mouth as she took the lid off of her mostly consumed tea to add a little more ice, only to find a dead cricket floating in her cup.

I asked her if she thought the cricket might have gotten in there after she bought it and she said:

No. It was in there. I asked for 2 packs of sweetener and when I got to the window she said she put it in already so I didn't open it. I went to add ice just now and it was floating there. I called and told the manager and he offered meals to me...ummmm no thanks dude, won't be going there again.

Then I asked if she thought it might have been covered by the ice, and she said:

There wasn't even enough ice in there this am to hear it when I shook it. I like a lot of ice in my drinks and i shook it and immediately knew I needed to add ice. I got to work and was busy so couldn't get ice right away. Just drinking away on it until I tried to fill it with ice!

Rockford Woman Served a Shocking Extra Ingredient in Her Iced Tea
Lori Smoot via Facebook


I think I might have thrown up a little right there. We're gonna calI this one Nas-tea. I bet the McDonald brothers are rolling over in their grave. You'll know what I mean once you see the movie. At some point you'd think someone would've caught that the tea had an extra ingredient.

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