Is anyone else sick of Winter? I am. So here's a fun little game to help the time pass.

Rockford You Have $5, Build Your Ideal Winter

Have you seen the 'ladies you have $5 build your ideal man' meme on your social media newsfeed? That's the inspiration for this little time-waster today.

It's Winter in Rockford and you have $5 to spend for the ideal way to get through the rest of the season. What do you buy?

  • $3 Automatic Start for your vehicle
  • $2 A snowblower
  • $1 Pair of gloves
  • $5 2 week vacation to Hawaii
  • $2 Subscription to Netflix
  • $3 All the wine
  • $1 A shovel
  • $1 Winter coat
  • $3 Fireplace
  • $4 Hot tub
  • $3 Gym membership
  • $4 4-wheel drive vehicle

My girlfriend informed me she would buy a Netflix subscription and all the wine because she would have me to keep her warm and shovel her driveway. Me, I'm going with Hawaii. This, one day it's 40 and the next day it's 20 is driving me insane.

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