If you haven't gotten addicted to Tik Tok in these past 6 months, you're a rare breed. The app became my obsession like the third day of lockdown and I've been on it every day since.

So when I see someone from Rockford killing it on Tik Tok it makes me SO happy. If you don't know, Rockford has its very own Michael Myers. Marcus Choppa has been doing "Michael Myers 31 days of Halloween" for the past few years. But this year, we have Tik Tok.

I present to you, your new favorite Tik Tok account -

Honestly, 10/10. This is the kind of Halloween content I want in my life. It's local, and it's genius. So give Rockford's very own Michael Myers a follow and show some spooky support.

Want more Michael Myers content? Check out when The Steve Shannon Show interviewed the original actor and had him try mystery flavored Oreos.


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