This is a story that is being told nearly every day. Old Time Pottery has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the Rockford store will be closing.

The COVID-19 pandemic is being blamed for the Tennessee based company's filing. Having to close stores for six weeks during the quarantine is all it took to bring Old Time Pottery's revenue down to a dangerous level.

According to, Old Time Pottery operates 43 stores in 11 states. Right now, stores in Fayetteville, North Carolina, North Charleston, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida and Rockford, Illinois are the locations that will be closing. That's disappointing, I really liked shopping for Christmas decorations at OTP. That... and picture frames.

The most desired piece of information has yet to be published and that's when is the ig sale beginning. In my experience, if they don't release that information right away, it's because is has already begun. I wouldn't waste time getting in there.

Rockford's Old Time Pottery is located at 5830 E. State Street.

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