Anyone who’s ever pursued their passion or chased down their dreams knows that there is a defining moment when you realize that you've officially made it.

For authors, it’s landing on the New York Times Best Sellers list, for singers it’s winning a Grammy, actors get Academy Awards, and dancers chasse their way across the bright lights of a Broadway center stage.

For Rockford native, Virgil Abloh, surely there’s been more than one of those moments (becoming Louis Vuitton's first African American creative director was probably enough), but none were quite like watching him and Kanye West bro-hugging after his debut Louis Vuitton fashion show.

GQ Magazine referred to them as "Two men crying for the kids-from-Chicago they were and still are: aspiring fashion world participants who showed up dressed like dorks a decade ago and the heights they’ve reached."

While that may be true, we'd still like the record to show that Virgil is the kid-from-Rockford who is doing the Forest City proud. What a great moment for him.

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