For the last couple of months, Steve Shannon and I have been expanding our vocabularies with a really fun segment that we like to call "Is Steve Stumped?"

I take a slang word from the Urban Dictionary and Steve has to tell the audience what he thinks the definition is; if he guesses incorrectly, then he's stumped...obviously. It's a fun way to learn new words and phrases; and make Steve sound totally uncool.

If I gave him the term "LSD," he probably would've guessed it correctly if it were the 70s; but it's not. It's 2018 and according to Mental Floss, the term "LSD" doesn't describe a once popular psychedelic drug, it's actually Illinois' top slang word that stands for Lake Shore Drive.

Slang Map of the US
Mental Floss/Play NJ

Other fun slang from around the Stateline include "Ope" for Wisconsin, "Pork Queen" from Iowa and Minnesota's "You betcha."

Have you ever used the term "LSD" before?

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