It's been a little over a month since we celebrated National Donut Day (unless you're me, and you just celebrated yesterday) and somehow we totally let this get by us.

Maybe we've been too distracted by dance battles and lip sync challenges, but this can't go unrecognized.

According to the Rockton Police Department, their brothers and sisters in blue from down the road in Roscoe challenged them to a dance off on June 1st...a "Dance for Donuts" dance off; and the video is glorious.

And that's not all.

Just yesterday, the RPD has thrown the challenge to the South Beloit Police Department, WInnebago County Sheriff's Office and Loves Park Police Department to Dance for Donuts.

Who will be the first to respond? We'll be waiting patiently for those videos.

Speaking of videos, I can't seem to find Roscoe's video; so if you know someone from the Roscoe Police Department, get at me.

Bonus Video


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