A restaurant once very successful in Rockford, ultimately couldn't survive in it's location in Roscoe.

Remember how excited you were when you saw the message below? Now it's closed.

I will certainly miss the sauce. I will also miss Vito's mom. I honestly don't think she ever forgot a name. Every time we came in, she remembered my daughter's name. That always meant a lot to me. Maybe we're partly to blame for Vito's Ristorante closing their doors. We should've dined there more often.

Maybe it's the location. Vito's moved from their location on Bell School Road in Rockford two years ago, after Ebenezer Brown's closed their doors. Before Ebenezer's, the Bluestem Road restaurant location was home to DiGiovanni's. Is the location cursed? Will anything make it, over the long haul, in that location? It's not the only restaurant location in Roscoe that seems cursed. The bar/restaurant location on Main St. just north of Elevator Road has been several different restaurants over the last two decades and now it's a bank.

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